That’s right! We get to practice yoga tonight at 6! I know that this is a thing that happens just about every week, but I appreciate getting to practice with you every single time. Thank you for being such wonderful yogis! namaste, judson
Yep, we’re still practicing tonight at 5:30. See you soon! namaste, judson
Yep! We practice at 6, as usual for Thursdays. See you soon! namaste, judson
Today’s the day we do our Gentle Yoga practice at 5:30 at Balanced You. I look forward to practicing with you! namaste, judson
I look forward to seeing y’all tonight at 6 at our usual haunts! namaste, judson
We do our Gentle Practice tonight at 5:30 at Balanced You. Unusually, all the spots are still open, so make your reservations so I know to show up. …
We get to do yoga tonight! I’ll see you at Balanced You at 6pm for our practice! namaste, judson p.s. Last week’s newsletter reminder may have been…
Tonight we practice at Balanced You at 5:30. I look forward to us doing our gentle practice together. Plenty of spots left. see you soon, judson
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